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Thank you for visiting my web page. I am the American Sign Language teacher at WHS. I began working for WISD as an Interpreter for the Deaf in 1994. After graduation from the University of North Texas in 2004 I began teaching the language and culture that I love at WHS. I hope you will visit my web page often.                  Work Phone: 817-598-2858. Ex. 3638
Parent Receipt of ASL Classroom Management and Syllabus   Google Form below:
ASL 3-
Per 1  ASL1 8:15-9:00 Per 5 ASL1 12:40--1:25
Per 2  ASL2 9:05-9:55 Per 6  ASL1 1:30-2:15
Per 3 CONFERENCE  10:00-10:45 Per 7 ASL 1 2:20-3:05
Per 4  ASL3 10:50-11:35 Per 8  ASL 2 3:10-3:55


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