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PASS/RISE English 2017-2018

PASS/RISE Students and Parents:

We are excited to have the opportunity to work with you or your student in the PASS/RISE program. It is our goal to offer each student a flexible learning experience that maintains the level of rigor found in a traditional classroom. Please find information below about what our students can expect from us and what we expect from our students. Communication plays a major role in the success of a PASS/RISE student, so please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions or concerns.

PASS/RISE Program Description:

The PASS/RISE Programs are designed to help students obtain credit for either recovery or academic acceleration in a self-paced, digital learning environment. Digital content for both core and elective courses is delivered through Odysseyware with individualized support provided by a certified teacher in the classroom setting.


Teacher Commitment:

Our commitment to our students is to work with each individual to determine how best to meet his or her learning needs and educational goals. We are aware that every student lives a different life filled with different challenges and that special circumstances may arise which result in the need to monitor and adjust.  


Student Commitment:

In order for us to assist you, we ask that you be open and honest with us regarding any special needs or circumstances that may impact your learning. Your communication with us is necessary for your success in this program. Also, it is important to be in class and focused. Consistent attendance is vital to completing this course in a timely fashion.  



Grading will vary by course.  Students and parents will be able to monitor progress and grades through the Odysseyware website.  

Classroom Norms:

In order to help you ensure your success in the PASS/RISE Program, the following rules will apply in all classes:

  • Cell Phone Use - Cell phone use should be kept at a minimum.  If a student is not meeting progress at the end of the 3 week progress period, the student will turn in the phone at the beginning of each class period until the adequate progress has been achieved.  It will be the responsibility of the student to prove adequate progress.  Teachers also reserve the option to ask students for phones at other times if a student is off-task or overly-distracted.  Teachers will respect the privacy of phones in their possession.   
  • Tests and Quizzes - Phones will be turned in during tests.  However, students are encouraged to take notes in either a notebook or in a printable electronic file which they can use on tests and quizzes. These notebooks will be collected and stored until the student leaves Weatherford High School at which time students can retrieve the notebooks from each teacher.
  • Restroom Use or Other Out of Class Passes - Students will need to turn in cell phones before leaving the classroom to go to the bathroom or other places within the school.
  • Attendance - Consistent and prompt attendance is necessary in order to be successful in the PASS/RISE Program.  Students with excessive tardies or absences will be referred to the appropriate administrator. Students who do not make adequate academic progress in a timely fashion determined on an individual basis may face removal from the program.
  • Oath of Academic Integrity - Students are expected to adhere to the Oath of Academic Integrity.
  • Classroom Behavior - Students will be held accountable for following the behavioral guidelines outlined in the PASS/RISE Student Code of Conduct.  Within the classroom, please take care of yourself, take care of each other, and take care of your learning environment.

Odysseyware Link -

Mrs. Angela Sweeney, PASS/RISE English Language Arts Teacher

Room F213

817.598.2858 ext. 3572


I am always available by email at or by phone 817-598-2858 ext. 3572 if you have any questions or concerns.
Proud Graduate of Texas Tech University, Class of 1996!