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Thank you for coming to the clinic website.  Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!  My name is Christine Brownlee R.N., I am the campus nurse for WHS Main Campus. Your student may also see one of the other very important members of our healthcare staff, Felicia Parker, Clinic Aide or Mistie Bosworth, L.V.N..  Both Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Bosworth split their time between the Main Campus and the Ninth Grade Center. 
Feel free to contact us if we can ever be of assistance to you.  Together we work and dedicate ourselves to the health and wellness of the students on our campus.


Dear Students, Parents/Guardians,


Flu season is upon us again!  Parker County Hospital District will be coming to our campus on September 27, 2017 to give flu shots.  If you would like to have your student participate PCHD will begin administering flu shots during 1st period and go until they have completed immunizations for all that wish to participate. 


There is no charge for students 18 years and younger that have no insurance.  If your student has insurance please fill in that information on the consent, there will be no out of pocket required.  Your student can swing by Dr. Pate’s classroom or the Clinic to pick up a consent form.  I have also attached the consent and information below this letter.  CONSENTS WILL NEED TO BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED BY SEPTEMBER 25TH.


Important additional information….


  • This clinic is for our staff and students only.  There is a Family and Friends day open to the Community on September 20th from 4-7pm at the NGC .


  • Any pregnant women must have a doctor’s note before PCHD can administer the vaccine.


Please, remember, you WILL NOT get the flu from the flu shot as it is an inactivated virus.  Occasionally a person will be exposed to the flu before his/her body has had sufficient time to build immunity, (about 2 weeks) or be exposed to a flu type not covered by the vaccine.  This year the CDC says “the vaccine has been updated to better match circulating flu viruses.”



The more people who get the flu shot the better off we will all be.  Herd immunity is a great thing choose to be part of the HERD!!!


Healthfully yours,

Nurse Brownlee