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Thank you for coming to the clinic website.  Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  My name is Christine Brownlee R.N., I am the campus nurse for WHS Main Campus. Your student may also see another very important part of our healthcare staff, Felicia Parker. Mrs. Parker is the clinic assistant and is on our campus four days a week. Together we work and dedicate ourselves to the health and wellness of the students on our campus.

Meningitis Immunization Booster 

Dear Parent or Guardian,

If your Senior is getting ready to go to college or another institution of higher learning and will be needing a Meningitis booster be sure to contact your students Primary Care Provider first about updating vaccine records and to verify if vaccines are available through your child's physician. 

If your students Primary Care Provider does not give vaccines feel free to contact Parker County Hospital District at 817-341-2520 for immunization times and days.  Be sure to bring a current copy of your students immunization record in order to have your child vaccinated.

Immunization consent forms in English and Spanish are linked below.

Consent Form - English

Consent From - Spanish

 Feel free to contact me in the clinic if you have any questions at 817-598-2860.. We will be glad to update your child's school immunization record if you will send us a copy.

Healthfully yours,

Christine Brownlee RN BSN

WHS Main Campus Clinic


Health Notes From the Clinic:


Could your phone make you sick?


The answer is yes.  Did you know that reports that cell phones can carry as many germs or more than a bathroom door handle or toilet seat.  Just one phone can harbor thousands of colonies of germs and bacteria. 

Have you ever thought that we frequently wash our hands but how often do we clean our phone with an antimicrobial cleaner?

Microorganisms such as coliform, found on phones and tablets have been linked to causing the flu, pink eye, diarrhea and acne.

Try to minimize the number of times you touch your phone or tablet, and then touch your face or eyes.

Alcohol can remove up to 100 percent of germs from a surface.   Try going hands free when you can by using blue tooth!

Stay Healthy!