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Positive Intervention Classroom

Hello, my name is Steve Yadon and I've been a special education teacher for the last 14 years and nearly all of these have been spent in working in behaviorally oriented classes working with students who are designated as emotionally disturbed. Prior to becoming a teacher, I was a group therapist in various psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment centers in Tarrant County and I began that in 1984. Prior to getting my formal education, I worked for 10 years in various hospitals, group homes and youth ranches....all in all, I've been working with my chosen group of kids for nearly 4 decades and I still enjoy it immensely.

The actual class curriculum I provide is under the title of Social Skills and I work with my students to increase their respective levels of insight and willingness to attempt increasing levels of socially appropriate behavior in all of the environments at our school and elsewhere in their lives.....this can be summed up in the mission statement I post in my room:

An overriding objective of the Social Skills curriculum is the continuing development of insight regarding past adaptive behavior and gaining the concept of choice to add new (better/more socially adaptive) behaviors in the students' daily interactions. In other words, I hope that my students will want to learn and practice some skills that will tend to make their lives easier and thus better and this will be seen in all settings: socially, academically, and later, professionally.
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Stephen Yadon
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