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Welcome to English III

The philosophy of English III is to give students access to the skills that will enable them to successfully complete English III and be fully prepared for the challenges of English IV. Students are expected to read and understand a wide variety of literary and informational texts and respond to those texts by composing a variety of written texts demonstrating a clear controlling idea, coherent organization and sufficient details. Students are expected to employ research skills in order to locate, evaluate and synthesis information. They are also expected to listen and respond respectfully to the ideas of others as well as contribute to the academic conversation themselves; therefore, oral and written language shall be appropriate to and productive for the exploration of academic thought. Lastly, this course focuses on four areas of concern: thinking skills, critical reading skills, recursive grammar skills, and the exploration of a variety of composition skills.

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Grading Information

Types of grades and their value:

  • DAILY or “Practice” Work includes reading or writing assignments that students may begin in class and finish that evening. “Process” grades refer to assignments that constitute a step in the writing or reading process rather than a final product.  Process grades may also include quizzes for vocabulary development and/or reading comprehension checks.   (50% of a student’s grade)
  • MAJOR or “product “ grades include timed writings referred to as ICE (In-Class Essay), final drafts of process papers, major tests over close reading skills, or cumulative projects that require research preparation. (50% of a student’s grade)


For any assignment that is not turned in by the end of the period on the day it is due, points will be deducted in the following manner:

  • One calendar day late: 20 point deduction (and then any incorrect answers will be deducted from the 80%) up to one week.
  • More than one week late: 30 point deduction (and then any incorrect answers will be deducted from the 70%) up to two weeks
  • After two weeks, the assignment is considered extremely late work. The maximum grade for such work is 50% of the original assignment.
  • NOTE: It is the prerogative of this instructor to assign you an academic detention in order to more speedily acquire your assessments.  You MUST attend that tutorial in order to finish the work and keep from receiving administrative consequences from your vice principal.
  • PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL ICE (In Class Essays) and TIMED assessments generated by district and/or classroom teacher MUST BE TURNED in during the allotted time frame.


Electronic devices are for ACADEMIC use only, and in order these important, educational tools NOT to become a distraction from the learning environment, all devices are placed in designated housing at the back of the room during class – unless otherwise instructed to keep them for the day’s lesson.  This directive is given to students immediately before the need arises for devices.  Otherwise electronic devices remain in their designated holders during class time.  TO CLARIFY:  Students are to LEAVE their devices in the holder provided.  This means LEAVE THEM and does not require any sort of monitoring of time, texts, phone calls, on-line anything….  Should a student neglect to put his or her device in the classroom housing, s/he will receive one reminder to do so.  If a student then chooses not to follow this directive and/or discourteously disrupts the class’s learning environment while doing so, this student’s guardian is contacted for assistance with helping the student understand his or her need to focus and/or demonstrate a cooperative attitude.  Note also: if necessary, the student will receive an administrative referral per parental request and/or if deemed necessary by instructor. MOST IMPORTANTLY:  all decisions regarding electronic devices are made based on what is in the best interest of individual student’s performance as well as maximizing the opportunity for ALL students in this class to succeed in English III during 2018 – 2019.   



  1. Spiral notebook – a single large one or two small ones(one for each semester) as well as loose-leaf notebook paper
  2. 3 X 5 cards ( approximately one package per semester)
  3. highlighters – at least four colors (including pink, yellow, blue, and green)
  4. Post-it notes – Lined ones preferred but are NOT required
  5. You will also need markers and/or colored pencils for visual projects
  6. A binder in which to keep paper, notes, current assignments
  7. Kleenex assignment scheduled for second week of school.



Tutorials for 2018 - 2019 School Year

Tutorials are offered at MegaLunch during B – block on Wednesdays pending changes by administration.