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Herring, Kevin » Engineering Design and Presentation Syllabus

Engineering Design and Presentation Syllabus

Engineering Design and Presentation
Mr. Kevin Herring
Weatherford High school
Grades: 10-12
Room H112
Course Description
Welcome students to Engineering Design and Presentation. This course is designed to introduce students to the vast world of engineering and all that is possible within this industry. Students enrolled in this course will demonstrate knowledge and skills of the process of design as it applies to engineering fields using Autodesk Inventor and multiple tools to produce and present working drawings, solid model renderings, and prototypes. Through implementation of the design process, students will transfer advanced academic skills to component designs. Additionally, students explore career opportunities in engineering, technology, and drafting and what is required to gain and maintain employment in these areas.

What will be covered?
 The Engineering Design Process
 Working on team and employment skills
 Modeling
 Sketching
 Measurement, Statistics, and Applied Geometry
 Presentation Design and Delivery
 Engineering Drawing Standards
 CAD Solid Modeling
 Reverse Engineering
 Consumer Product Design Innovation
 Marketing
 Graphic Design
 Engineering Ethics
 Virtual Design Teams

This program will be primarily based out of Autodesk Inventor. Inventor is a state of the art 3-D designing software to help design solutions to different design projects. Working in teams and as individuals, you will learn about documenting your solutions, solving problems, and communicating your solutions to other students and members of the professional community of engineering and engineering design.
Required Supplies:
One Composition book.
Course Assignments:
All test and project material will be taken from daily notes and lecture. Students will be required to keep an engineering journal (required Supplies) as well as a portfolio of all project work. Each project grade will include points dedicated to the upkeep of the engineering journal and the student portfolio.
• Homework – Not often but may include design ideas, sketching and general preparation for presentations, quizzes, and tests.
• Class Work - constitutes the major portion of the student's time in this class. Large and complex design projects will be completed on the computer.
• Test and Quizzes - will be given as needed to ensure that the student has mastered the information. Projects will be considered a test grade.
• Semester Exam - will be given at the end of each term and will be weighted per district policy.
Course Grade:
Class work, Homework, Quizzes 50%
Major projects/Tests 50%
I will be available for tutorials during assigned Mega Lunch times and after school at request of the student.
Attendance/Late Work Policy:
Students who are absent will be allowed one day more than the number of days missed to complete make-up work for full credit. This includes tests, quizzes, class work, daily work, projects, or work assigned out of school. Students may receive a grade penalty if assignments are not turned in on the allotted time. We will be working in groups to complete group projects throughout the year. It is the group member’s responsibility to communicate with each group member to make sure the work is done. Even if you are absent from a group project you will be graded.
Class Rules:
 Respect – Show respect to yourself, others, and equipment.
 Integrity – Be honest with everything that you do. ** Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated!**
 Work Ethic- Give every assignment your best effort.
 Clean up after yourself.
 Have Fun!
Computer Rules:
Do not upload or download any software/program to the school’s computer. Internet should be used for classroom assignments only unless approved by the teacher.