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Course Registration for Students New to WHS:

Please contact Lacy Collins in the Registrar's office at (817) 598-2858 ext. 3527 or [email protected] to set up an appointment to enroll. She will give you the information you need to complete enrollment so that we can provide the best possible customer service when you have for your appointment!

Lead Counselor: 
Amber Moore     [email protected] 
Students A-Cl and Dual Credit
WHS Main Campus Counselors (10-12th grades):
Students Co-Ha & Foreign Exchange Students: Gaylene Greathouse  [email protected]
Students He-Mc: Melanie Prince [email protected]
Students Me-R: Mayra Denson    [email protected]
Students S-Z: Lindsay Fuller      [email protected]
WHS Intervention Counselor:
Stephanie Pennington [email protected]
9th-grade Center:
Students A-K:   Alysa Reasoner    [email protected]
Students L-Z:  Tiffany Glawson     [email protected]
9th-grade Center Intervention Counselor:
Cheryl Bullock  [email protected]
RISE/Flyer Coordinator:
Misti Stephens       [email protected]
CTE Coordinator:
Ember McCune     [email protected]
If you are a College/Career or Military Rep looking to make a presentation at WHS, please use the sign-up form HERE!