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Parking Information

Welcome back ROOS!

Changes have been made in parking for the 2021-22 school year. We hope these changes will help keep our
students, staff and visitors safe as well as cut down on the congestion before and after school.

SENIORS: You will be able to obtain your parking permit in advance!! Admin B will be open Wednesday, August
11th, and Thursday, August 12th from 10am - 2pm for SENIORS only!

ALL STUDENTS: Parking will open up at the Roo Walk-a-bout scheduled for Monday, August 16th from 3pm - 7pm
in Admin B.

COST: Parking permits for the 2021-22 school year will be $25. Senior painting will be an additional $50.
Payments can be made online through RevTrak (link below) or in Admin B with cash, check or card.

REGISTRATION: All parking registration will be done online at:

Once completed, you will need to take your driver’s license, proof of insurance and payment to Admin B. If all
information is complete, you will receive your parking permit. Students will be able to choose the parking area that
is best for them; blue, green or yellow. Parking spaces within their chosen parking area will be 1st come, 1st serve.
The ONLY assigned parking spaces will be the first 2 rows in the blue lots that will be for those seniors who pay the
additional fee to paint their parking spot. If you DID NOT pay to paint your spot (seniors only), you may NOT park
in those rows even if a spot is empty when you arrive at school.

SENIOR PAINTING: If you want to paint your parking spot, please fill out the online form. BEFORE you can start
painting, you must have the design approved in Admin B. Payment can be made online through RevTrak or in
Admin B.