Weatherford High School

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Homecoming Queen Londyn Gray adjusts her crown and smiles for the crowd.

Freshman Homecoming Representatives are Daniel Seals, escorted by his mother, and Ava Saltzgiver, escorted by her father.

Sophomore Representative Luke Bagwell smiles at the crowd as he escorts his mother across the field.

Sophomore representative Kamrey Mullens is escorted by her father.

Escorted by her mother, Junior Bailey Smith smiles at the crowd as she crosses the field.

Representing the Junior Class, Parker Spivey is escorted on the field by his mother.

Senior Londyn Gray is escorted by her father at the Homecoming ceremonies.

Senior Wes Hanson, a member of the Roo Football team, is escorted by his mother at the Homecoming halftime.

Escorted by her father, Senior Representative Karley Horton crosses the field.

Senior Jake Spooner is escorted by his mother during the Homecoming festivities.

Senior Representative Daelyn Bassham exchanges a smile with her escort.

Escorted by his sister, senior representative Mo Abdeljalil crosses the field with senior representative Daelyn Bassham, escorted by her younger brother.

Senior representative Katie Parks is escorted across the field by her father.

Senior Representative Tanner Knox takes a short break from the game to walk the field with his mother.

Escorted by her father, senior representative Grace Larvin smiles at the crowded stands.

Senior representative Connor McKinney is escorted by his mother at halftime.

Senior Representatives Brady Nelson and Jenna Pinder cross the 50 yard line during the Homecoming festivities.

Congratulations to HoCo King and Queen Runners Up Wes Hanson and Karley Horton.

Congratulations to Homecoming King Jake Spooner & Queen Londyn Gray!