Weatherford High School

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The Class of 2019 Who's Who

Miss Londyn Gray & Mr. Tanner Knox are named Mr. and Miss WHS!

After a tough bout, the Weatherford wrestler's arm is raised in victory by the referee.

The WHS Counselors are the heart of the school. Thank you for all you do!

Before the game, the Varsity basketball player gets ready to go in for a layup.

The WHS Administration team works tirelessly to make WHS the best it can be! Thanks for all you do.

The Varsity Roo player dribbles around the defense and heads toward the goal.

Power Lifting is a tough sport -- it requires physical and mental strength.

The Lady Roo Soccer players were awarded medals for their terrific tournament performance.

The Lady Roo Soccer team hosted the Haitian Amputee Soccer team in a friendly warm up game last fall.

Congratulations to Jana Zacharias who was named an All-State Choir member.

The GSA Club enjoys a poetry reading by one of its members.

These WHS Cheerleaders enjoy the victory of being named the 5th greatest team in the Nationals Championship!

The Law Enforcement students and members of the Public Safety team enjoy their success.