Weatherford High School

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Principal's Message

Dear WHS Students and Families,

We hope that you are looking forward to becoming a Kangaroo and joining us at Weatherford High School. We are working hard to prepare for you. Our community and school district are committed to making sure that you have what you need in order to be successful in your years at Weatherford High School.

We hope that you likewise bring a fresh perspective and attitude with you this year. You are on your high school journey with the end goal being graduation. What you do this year will determine your progress on that journey. Our expectations are high. We encourage you to come prepared to succeed. What will it take to succeed at WHS? It will take a commitment from you to be responsible for your part in the learning process. We promise that we are committed to joining you and supporting you in your journey towards graduation. 

We are committed to making this year great and helping you achieve a high standard of excellence. Please join us in that commitment.

See you soon!

Dr. Doug Funk, Principal, Weatherford High School

Mr. R.J. Rodrigue, Associate Principal, Weatherford High School Ninth Grade Campus