Weatherford High School

Weatherford ISD and High School Website Launch!

Weatherford ISD will unveil a new website system on Tuesday, November 26th. The new websites will be powered by Edlio, a popular eduction based website designer that has provided websites for many area districts, and should provide parents and students with valuable resources.

“I think the new website is going to be good for our school because it increases the ability for parents and students to communicate with their teachers,” Weatherford High School assistant principal RJ Rodrigue said. “One of the very cool features is the ability to subscribe to a teacher’s blog, so anytime a teacher updates their blog it generates an email…and sends one email to whoever has chosen to subscribe.”

WHS teachers are currently receiving training in how to create and update their individual pages. All teachers have been asked to provide contact information and pertinent classroom news on their individual web pages. This is expected to be completed by the time the website goes live next Monday.

Journalism teacher, Miss Carmichael received training on building the new websites several weeks ago. Carmichael is quick to point out the importance of student and parent participation in the new system.

“WISD has provided us with a great webpage design,” Carmichael said. “However, we can provide the best web pages in the world, and if parents and students don’t subscribe it won’t have near the positive impact we are looking for.”

Parents, students and community members are all encouraged to get online Monday and check out the technological advances that are being made by our “world class district of choice”.

- Allison Galloway