Weatherford High School

Jan 17 Last Day To Buy Yearbooks

The deadline to purchase copies of the 2014 Melon Vine yearbook will be January 17, 2014. Any student or parent wishing to purchase a copy must go to, and place their order by the deadline.

This year’s book marks the 100th volume of the Weatherford High School Melon Vine, and features an exciting "past-meets-future" theme. There are many new features including “throwback” type photos in which current WHS students remake photos from past editions of the Melon Vine.

Purchasers of the 2014 Melon Vine will enjoy looking back at the good times they had with fellow students and friends, and the yearbook is the most comprehensive collection of these memories.

“The purpose of the yearbook is to be able to look back and reminisce on our high school years,” said junior editor Brittney Copeland. “It’s sort of a hard copy of our memories. These memories fade with out it, but with the book we have a way to keep them.”

All students and faculty are encouraged to get online and purchase this year’s Melon Vine before the deadline passes on January 17.