Weatherford High School

Project Graduation Seat Auction

The Project Graduation Committee will be auctioning off three rows of seats for the graduation ceremony at the Ft. Worth Convention Center.

There are two ways to submit bids:
1. Parent \ Guardian of the senior may come to the front office at WHS and write their name, bid amount, date, student name and phone number on a slip of paper to be placed in the bid box.
2. The Parent/Guardian may email a bid to Peggy Vance at Any emailed bid must include the parent’s name, bid amount, date, student name, and phone number.

Each afternoon any bids that come in will be collected and the current top bid will be posted on the website (yearbook advisor will do this daily) so bidders know and can make additional bids if so desired. Follow us @WHS GrassBurr for updates on current bids.

There will be 3 rows and the top 3 bids will each receive a row. Each row has 26 seats.

Bidding will be stopped May 23rd at 4:00pm. No bids will be accepted after 4:00pm. Those three individuals with the top three winning bids will be notified on Tuesday, May 27th.

All proceeds will be used to fund the Project Graduation Celebration for the Class of 2014.