Weatherford High School

Roo Football Kicks Off

The Weatherford Kangaroo football team will be traveling to Sweetwater, TX on Saturday, August 30 for the Sammybaugh Classic. The team will be playing Lubbock Coronado, and kickoff is at 3:00 p.m.

Key offensive players to look for this season are junior running back Justin Livingston, junior quarterback Bryce Burks, and junior running back Chase Warren. Playing along side these talented young men is the entire offensive line, which according to Coach Fikac, is the “rock that makes the offense go.”

There is also a group of players that is expected to have a huge impact on defense, such as senior outside linebacker Draven Pointer, senior outside linebacker Dusty Schauers, and senior safety River Brewer.

Head coach Weldon Nelms is excited to play Saturday’s game, as he feels it will be a good learning experience for the team.

“We’ve got to learn how to play on the road, and learn to survive in the Texas heat through injury and early season stress,” Nelms said. “Most importantly this is a great opportunity to find out who we are as a team.”

The players are as ready to return to the field as their leader.

“We are going to go on the field and give 110% no matter what kind of conditions,” Livingston said.

Senior quarterback Trey Ware shares in his team’s anxious excitement.

“I’m looking forward to starting the season with that ‘W’,” said Ware. “They don’t want these problems.”

This year’s team is fearless, and senior Keegan Dement isn’t afraid to let fans know.

“I’m going down there to get me a mustang.”