Weatherford High School

Peace Out Nimitz

On Friday, September 5, Weatherford High School will hold a pep rally in honor of the first home football game in the 2014 season. The event will be held in Durant Auditorium during 5th period, and will feature a hippie theme.

The atmosphere at WHS pep rallies is currently reflecting the widespread support that the student body is directing towards the school. The audience seems to be more receptive than ever toward the “roo pride” message that head coach Weldon Nelms has now been preaching for two years.

“I love it,” pep rally M.C. Alex Hammett said. “I absolutely love it. It’s a blast. It’s a good time. I love being able to set the standard for roo pride.”

All students and faculty are encouraged to dress in hippie fashion, and to stay on their feet throughout the event.