Weatherford High School

Auditions Begin for Electra, WHS Theatre

Auditions for the WHS Theatre’s play Electra are being help on September 11th and 12th, from 3:50 to 6:30. Upon arrival, students will be given a script for a cold reading from the Greek tragedy about love, battle, and a struggle for power.
With so many students vying for a part, competition for the lead roles is expected to be thick, and the production is likely to be at the highest level ever.
“Auditions are going to go fantastic,” senior Connor Lang said.
“I’m not going to say they’ll be easy, but if you can do any sort of acting you’re probably going to get in.”
Students will receive an audition form during the auditions, and will be expected to bring a writing utensil to fill it out.
The Theatre Department will continue to host productions throughout the year, so be sure to keep up on your opportunity to have a part.