Weatherford High School

New '2015' Tradition

Weatherford High School seniors are being asked to bring a photograph of themselves to room F210 for publication in the 2015 Melon Vine. All photographs must be received no later than Friday, September 26. Any senior who does not bring a photograph by that date will not be included in the 2015 class photo.
The Melon Vine staff plans to use the pictures to make a large collage in the shape of a "2015". The collage will then be used in place of the traditional senior class photo where the seniors met in the gym and arranged themselves into a number representing the year they are graduating.
All seniors should bring a picture that showcases their individualism. The picture needs to be high quality and appropriate for publication, and needs to be delivered on a flash drive. The photo will then be uploaded to the yearbook server, and the flash drive will be given back to the student. The Melon Vine staff requests that students bring in the photo and do not attempt to email it.
"If we have people emailing in their photos, we increase the likelihood that one will get missed and end up not used in the collage." Melon Vine advisor Miss Carmichael said. "We want to be responsive to the needs of the student body, and that means that we need to make sure everyone is included in our book."
This updated photo is the brain child of senior Melon Vine editor Brittney Copeland, who is currently guiding her staff to create a yearbook which will live up to it's lofty name, …& Now For Something Totally Different.
"I really wanted our photo to showcase our class in a way that fits with our theme by highlighting all of our differences," Copeland said. "We really want to increase the number and variety of people that we showcase in this year's book."