Weatherford High School

Roo Football Uniform Debut

On Friday, September 5 the Weatherford High School football team revealed new uniforms in front of a home crowd during their home opener against Irving Nimitz.
The new under armour uniforms feature a gray over-all color with blue trim, and they looked great from the stands.
"They didn't look like high school football players," sophomore Jacquelyn Cartmill said. "They looked like they were going to win."
Senior defensive end Sabin Joshi agreed that the uniforms provided a special look for the night.
"I think they look really clean," Joshi said. "I feel really slick in them."
According to Joshi, the players were called into a pre-game meeting, in which they were shown a team highlight reel.
The video then turned into a separate reel of senior Trevor Harris showing off the new look. The players began to suspect that they were getting the new uniforms, and then they returned to the locker room to find the uniforms hanging on their individual lockers.
"It was a college game day kind of situation," said Joshi.
Senior offensive tackle Keegan Dement thought the uniforms played a role in determining the outcome of the game.
"It amped everybody up," Dement said. "It helped us get the win."