Weatherford High School

"Beat Arrrlington" Day Friday

On Friday, September 26 Weatherford High School students will participate in a pirate themed spirit day in honor of the school’s “Beat Arrrrlington” campaign. Students are encouraged to wear pirate inspired clothing, and will be attending a pep rally during the school day.

WHS head football coach Weldon Nelms believes that all students should take part in school spirit days and pep rallies.

“Everyday is a day to be a difference maker,” Nelms said. “Get off your seat and get off your feet and be a difference maker.”

Junior quarterback Bryce Burks agrees that it is important for students to take an active role in pushing school spirit.

“It is important to get everybody pumped up and excited to show that we have school spirit,” Burks said.

As the student body prepares for “Beat Arrrlington” Day, junior Rachel Keith has some wardrobe suggestions for the student body.

“Well we are going to beat Arrrrrlington, so everyone bring out their finest eye patches and swords,” said Keith.

All students and faculty are invited to dress up like a pirate during the school day, before heading out to Kangaroo Stadium Friday night to watch WHS Football take on the Arlington High Colts at 7:30 p.m.