Weatherford High School

WHS Staff Members Honored

According to Principal Lynn Pool, Mrs. Barnes was chosen primarily for the massive contribution she has made to implementing and dispersing information about this school year’s Mega Lunch program.

“Mrs. Barnes spends her time on Sunday nights putting together the Mega Lunch newsletter and sending it out to all of you,” Pool said.

Assistant Principal RJ Rodrigue believes that Mrs. Martinez was chosen because of the role she plays in making WHS run daily.

“She is one of those quiet leadership people,” Rodrigue said. “Whether she is working with students, fixing copy machines or making Admin B run, it is easy to see why the staff would choose her.”

These awards are sponsored by Herff-Jones, who is the vendor of many senior and graduation related items for WHS seniors. According to Principal Pool, it is a positive piece for the entire campus that Herff-Jones is helping WHS honor employees who do great work.

“It’s important to recognize the daily contributions everyone makes to make this school a better place for our kids,” Pool said. “I am just so happy that Herff-Jones has decided to partner with us on this.”

WHS staff members will continue to be recognized monthly throughout the remainder of the school year.