Weatherford High School

Picture Retakes Oct. 31

This photo opportunity is free of cost to all WHS students, grades tenth through twelfth, and students who have not been photographed will receive appointments over the next two weeks.

“We are going to let students know when they should come down to have their yearbook photo taken,” Melon Vine advisor Miss Carmichael said. “We really want everyone to be in the yearbook. This year’s book is all about including the entire student body.”

The Melon Vine staff is hopeful that all students will take advantage of the opportunity to be in this year’s Melon Vine.

“It is important to get your picture taken so you can be in the yearbook and contribute to actual documentation of your high school years,” Melon Vine editor Brittney Copeland said.

The Staff of the 2015 Melon Vine encourages all students and faculty who have not previously been photographed to attend these retakes in the foyer of Durant Auditorium.