Weatherford High School

American Legion Makes Donation to WHS

American Legion member Rachel Watson believes that while the organization is primarily focused on servicing military veterans, it is also important to provide support throughout the entire community.

“We do this because we support the kids in out community, and we want them to know we are here even though we are a veterans organization,” Watson said.

Watson, along with fellow members Carolyn Dutton and Von Hale, met with Student Body President Emma Beaird, to present the collection of supplies. Beaird was excited to accept the gift, and she is confident that they will go a long way to service the students at WHS.

“It’s great to see community members invest in our students,” Beaird said. “Usually school supply drives only benefit elementary students, so it is nice to know that some WHS students will now have the materials they need to excel in the classroom.”