Weatherford High School

Admin Team Releases Prom 2015 Dress Code

Senior class sponsor Ms. Neal, believes that the dress code is an important part of maintaining an event that is enjoyable for all who attend.
“Part of creating a beautiful atmosphere for the prom is having a dress code that enhances the design elements,” Neal said. “Complying with the dress code is important because it helps guarantee that our students will be able stay to enjoy an exclusive night of entertainment, fellowship and fun with just their senior class.”
All students who will be in attendance at this year’s event are encouraged to review the dress code below, and be sure all clothing is in compliance with the specifications.


1. Please be aware of your body style. Not all dresses will fit the same on each individual. If you have concerns about a dress, please come by K204 for clarification.
2. Dresses with a slit, plunging back, or 2 piece need to be approved by an administrator.
3. Dresses that are backless must not hang lower than your waistline.
4. If you have a 2 piece dress, there cannot be more that 2” between the two pieces. The skirt part of the dress needs to hang at the waist.
5. A slit in your dress cannot go higher than fingertip length.
6. If your dress is short, it cannot be shorter than fingertip length.
7. Front or Side cleavage is not appropriate.
8. If you have a dress that has a v-shaped plunging neckline, it should not go below your bra. If you have a u-shaped neckline, the scoop should be 1” above the center of your bra.
9. See-through material does not count as coverage of an area.
10. Your hair must be a normal color—blonde, brown, red or black.
11. Use good judgment about your attire if you want to be able to stay at the prom.

1. Top hats and nice cowboy hats are allowed, but you may not wear baseball caps or hats that are inappropriate for a formal function.
2. Your hair must be a normal color—blonde, brown, red, or black.
3. Jeans and tennis shoes are not appropriate; if you choose not to wear a tuxedo, you need to wear dress pants or slacks.
4. Use good judgment about your attire if you want to be able to stay at the prom.