Weatherford High School

WHS Students Serve on WISD FACTS Committee

           Unlike years past, this bond was drawn up not only by the school board and superintendant, but also included some of our own- seniors Ashtin Ballard and Emma Beaird.

“We both worked very hard, went to many meetings, toured many schools and learned a lot about our district,” Beaird said.

            The two seniors set a major example for their peers by serving on this committee, which does not generally incorporate students. This was quite the unique situation, which enabled the adults on the committee to get an inside look on how the students view our district and community.

“Emma and I played a large roll in the Facts Committee,” Ballard said. “A lot of the students kind of looked up to us for advice or any questions they had because they had seen how involved we were.”

All students who have registered to vote in the bond will vote along with the rest of the adult community on May 9th. For more information, check out