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Schedule Changes

Students and parents are asked to give the selection of courses much consideration and careful thought.

Scheduling and assignment of classes are completed prior to the end of each school year through our Arena Scheduling process. If a student believes that he/she has been incorrectly placed in a class, received credit for the course over the summer, no longer needs a course for graduation, or did not complete the required prerequisites for enrollment, a schedule change request may be made to the student’s assigned counselor.

We recognize some students may have difficulty with coursework as they adjust to a new schedule. Before seeking a course change, students are required to set up a time to conference with both their parent and teacher about their progress, and collaboratively develop a plan for improvement.


Timing of Course Changes

In Weatherford ISD, students select their courses, create their schedules, and have an opportunity to request any change needed before May 1 of the previous year.  Only Honors and AP changes are made after May 1. Once school begins, AP and Honors changes are made only at the end of the first six weeks of the fall semester OR during the first week of the spring semester, with the proper approvals.  The Honors/AP Drop form must be completed and returned to the Counseling Center by the last day of the first six weeks, or last day of the 1st semester. Changes are not permitted outside of this timeframe. 

Approval of Schedule Changes

Approval of schedule changes will be limited to requests judged to be within district guidelines and in the best interest of the student.


Required Courses for Graduation

Students are not permitted to drop required courses for graduation.


Elective Course Changes

Elective courses include any courses not specifically required for graduation. Students are not permitted to change from one elective to another.


Advanced Academics Course Changes (Honors, AP) Approval for exiting an advanced academic course will be determined by the student’s performance, teacher input, parent approval, and administrator approval. Requests to drop a course will only be allowed if there is space available in a substitute course. Transfer grades are not weighted.


Additional Schedule Change Considerations

  • Student-athletes should refer to UIL rules regarding dropping a class with a failing grade.
  • Any change in courses may affect the student’s entire class schedule.