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Weatherford High School Message to Families 3-24-17

This afternoon, Weatherford High School was placed in a low-level lockdown due to a report that a student claimed to have a weapon on campus. Upon immediate investigation it was determined that the student in question had left the building after making this claim.

Following our safety protocol, Weatherford High School administrators immediately contacted the Weatherford Police Department School Resource Officer regarding this incident. The Weatherford Police Department conducted a perimeter search of the Weatherford High School campus and immediate surrounding area and deemed it safe to release students at our normal dismissal time.

We are working with the Weatherford Police Department in an ongoing investigation of this issue. At this point in the investigation we have been unable to validate the claim that the student had a weapon.

Weatherford ISD prides itself in creating a safe learning environment and any incident that disrupts that environment is handled promptly. The safety of our students and staff is always our number one priority.


Kristy Dowd, WHS Principal
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