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Welcome to the Human Anatomy and Physiology online classroom. This is where you can download notes, find helpful websites, and keep up with any updates that are happening in class. Click on the "Links" icon for a couple of sites that we used last year during our cat dissection portion of the class. This is also how you will get to my epsilen page to download notes. Congrats to all of the seniors taking this class. Enjoy it...You don't know how great it is until you're gone!

The following are some things that you will need to know about the class:
*You may download notes for each chapter by simply scrolling to the bottom of the page and choosing the appropriate chapter or topic. . Most chapters may be downloaded in either a powerpoint or PDF file to make printing easier.
*You will be given vocabulary and/or content quizzes weekly.
* Your grade breakdown for the class will be 50% from test / 50% from daily work, quizzes, and labs.
*You will be able to re-take one test each six weeks, or replace your lowest test score with your six weeks test grade. The highest grade you can make on a re-take for an individual chapter is a 70. But, if you choose to use the six weeks test as a re-test, the re-test will count face value in place of your lowest grade. Example: If you make a 30 on chapter 1 test, but make a 90 on the 1st six weeks test, the 90 will replace the 30 from the chapter 1 test!!

I hope this is the best classroom experience you've ever had!!

Coach Ty Comstock
Human Anatomy and Physiology Teacher
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Coach Tyrone Comstock
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