Weatherford High School

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Mr. Duggin
Algebra 2 & AQR
F 110
Weatherford High School
817-598-2858 ext. 3583
Hello Students & Parents,
Welcome to another school year. My name is Mr. Duggin and I will be your Algebra 2 or AQR teacher this year.
This school year should provide new challenges and rewards. It is my desire to provide you with mathematical applications that are relevant to your lives and that will prove to be useful to you as you grow into productive members of our community.
I believe we are partners in your education. I will provide guidance, instruction, and expertise in a safe, learning atmosphere. You need to provide regular attendance, effort, and appropriate behavior to ensure your ultimate success. The door to my classroom is always open should you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to stop by, phone or e-mail me and I will make every effort to provide assistance.
Parents: if you ever have questions or concerns please voice those to me. I feel it is our combined effort that will direct and aid your student’s success in their academic career and provide the necessary motivation and encouragement. Please contact me at the above e-mail address or call me and leave me a message. If you desire to meet with me, please inform me so we can arrange a time that fits our busy schedules.
I look forward to working with you all and having a productive year.

Course Description:
Teacher Commitment:
My commitment to the student is to work with each individual to determine how best to meet his or her learning needs and educational goals.  I am aware that every student lives a different life filled with different challenges and that special circumstances may arise which result in the need to “monitor and adjust.”
Student Commitment:
In order for me to assist you, I ask that you be open and honest with me regarding any special needs or circumstances that may impact your learning.  Your communication with me is necessary for your success in this class.  Also, it is important to be in class and focused.  Consistent attendance is vital to completing this course in a timely fashion.
School Supplies
Students will need the following supplies in order to be successful:
1) Spiral Notebook or Notebook paper and a binder of some type
2) Pencils/Pens to work problems and take notes
3) EAR BUDS to listen to videos!
Class Expectations:
1. Arrive on time and ready to work on your Math course.
2. Stay engaged.
3. Respect our learning environment.
4. Limit distractions.
5. Protect your valuable class time.

Mr. Duggin