Weatherford High School

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Graduation Requirements




          English 1

          English 2

          English 3

          English 4


          Algebra 1


          2 Advanced math courses



          IPC, Chemistry, or Physics

          2 Advanced science courses

Social Studies

         World Geography or World History

         U.S. History

         U.S. Government & Economics

Physical Education

1 credit

Languages other than English

2 credits of the same language

Fine Arts

1 credit


7 credits, 4 in a specific pathway

Total Credits

26 credits



      Arts & Humanities- fine arts, social studies, languages
      Business & Industry- agriculture, A/V, hospitality, business
      Multidisciplinary- dual credit, AP, 4x4
      Public Service- education, health, law, government
      STEM- math, science, engineering

Distinguished Level of Achievement:

      A total of 4 credits in math, including Algebra 2
      A total of 4 credits in science
      Earn at least 1 endorsement

Performance Acknowledgement:

      Dual credit- 12 hours with an A or B
      AP- test scores of 3, 4, or 5
      Test scores- PSAT National Merit Scholar or qualifying ACT or SAT scores
For more information on graduation requirements or House Bill 5, please see TEA's website: