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Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communication

Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communication
The Arts and Communications department is a blend of written, oral, and graphic communication in a career-based environment. Along with developing and expanding reading, writing, and oral communication skills, students will learn to apply software applications, manipulate computer graphics, film and edit video, and conduct internet research. The skills learned in these courses will assist students not only in finding jobs, but will aid them in achieving their personal goals.
Principles of Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
Graphic Design & Illustration I
Graphic Design & Illustration II
Animation I
Animation II
Fashion Design I
Fashion Design II
Audio/Video Production I 
Audio/Video Production II
Commercial Photography I
Commercial Photography II
Professional Communications
Practicum in Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
Graphic Designers $39,800
Postsecondary Art, Drama, and Music Teachers $56,300
Film and Video Editors $36,500
Multimedia Artists and Animators $53,500