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Health Science

Health Science
If you enjoy science and problem solving and won’t faint at the sight of blood, a career in health science might be for you. The WHS Health Science Program offers excellent on-the-job training for students interested in the medical field. Principles of Health Science classes expose students to different health careers, while the Health Science Theory and Practicum in Health Science classes allow students a personal perspective of the entire health field. Students in these advanced classes will have the opportunity to observe and rotate through area hospitals, nursing homes, and the offices of physicians.
Additionally, the program offers students the opportunity to prepare for certification as a pharmacy tech assistant or patient care technician. These certifications are recognized by the medical industry and can be used for immediate employment. Medicine is a fulfilling and high demand field and the Health Science program will give students a chance at a head start to a great career!
Principles of Health Science
Medical Terminology
Health Science Theory
Practicum in Health Science
Anatomy & Physiology (also a science credit)
Pathophysiology (also a science credit)
Biomedical Engineers $76,000
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers $63,400
Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics $29,300
Medical and Health Services Managers $83,800