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Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
The Engineering program helps students navigate through the various engineering fields including Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and more. Using a computer aided drafting program, students will develop Engineering Blueprints for items such as machine parts, circuit boards, bridges, roads, and many others. Students will have the opportunity to extend their drawings into basic models all in an engineering career oriented learning environment.
Course Name Grade Cr
Introduction to Engineering (Project Lead the Way) 9 1
Engineering Science (Principles of Engineering - Project Lead the Way) 10-12 1
Aerospace Engineering (Project Lead the Way) 11-12 1
Practicum in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics  (PR)(AD) 12 2
Scientific Research and Design (SC) 11-12 1
AD = Advanced Course                     SC = Science Credit    
FA = Fine Arts Credit                         $$ = Fee Required    
M = Math Credit                               TDC=Eligible for Weatherford College Dual Credit                               
PR = Prerequisite                               ***Enrollment may affect class offerings  
Mechanical Engineers $84,800
Electrical and Electronics Drafters $56,000
Aerospace Engineers $104,600
Postsecondary Math/Science Teachers $60,600