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Human Services

Human Services
The WHS Human Services program provides students with a variety of choices. In the Cosmetology Program, students will have the opportunity to earn a state license as a Cosmetologist. Students are required to clock their hours of training according to the Texas Department of Licenses and Regulations state board. Students must register with the state board, purchase a lab kit, lab coat, and pay to take the state exam.
Other areas offered under Human Services include Child Development and Family and Community Services. All of these classes are an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for the working world upon graduating high school.
Principles of Human Services
Child Development
Family & Community Services
Counseling and Mental Health
Introduction to Cosmetology
Cosmetology I***
Cosmetology II***
Practicum in Human Services
***eligible for Weatherford College Technical Dual Credit
Interpreters and Translators $40,100
Clinical Psychologists $57,800
Healthcare Social Workers $51,800
Barber $19,700